Renan Queiroz


This is Cypher. An extension to pure Android. Cypher tries maintain the purity of Android while offering useful features for users. The goal is to give the highest level of performance whilst achieving simplicity.

  • - This ROM is highly customizable with the most requested features
  • - We keep our ROM clean and as close to AOSP as possible with features added
  • - We keep your phone secure by using the latest and most up to date sources from Google

Release bulletins

CypherOS has always had the user's intellect in mind. We don't want to push updates with a general changelog. This still generates questions from the enduser on what's really been done in an update. This is partially due to the fact most users don't quite understand commit messages. And that's acceptable, we don't expect them to, neither is it their job to. Change's made in an update should be as friendly as possible upon presentation, with a wider view on the changes in that particular release. Of course, changelogs will still be generated for users that need quick indicators and aren't too interested in reading a full substantial list, but they will be secondary and non-highlighted additions.

In the release bulletins, users can find a quality and informative result for the latest changes within that update.

  • What's working :
  • - Boots
  • - RIL (Calls, SMS, Data)
  • - Wifi
  • - Bluetooth
  • - Camera
  • - Video recording
  • - Video Playback
  • - Audio ( Record and Playback )
  • - Sensors
  • - Flash
  • - Led
  • What's not working :
  • - SELinux is permissive